Secrets of Irresistibly Dateable Women [EP 20]

Ever wonder what that certain “it” factor that some women possess?

You know the ones…who have men falling all over themselves to be near them.

And you might scratch your head and think…

“She’s not the prettiest woman around, so what gives?”

What gives is that she knows the subtle secrets that draw men in like bees to honey. In this episode, we share what researchers have proven time and time again makes someone truly irresistible.


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The Soulmate Myth [EP 19]

Do you believe in “The One”?

Are you looking for that amazing perfect love, your soulmate, that you know you are destined to meet?

Then you MUST listen to this episode!

There is a Soulmate Myth and it’s causing you more harm than good in your relationships!

We share research to show you how to avoid this mistake that very well could be costing you the love of your life. 

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Mastering the Art of Dirty Talk [EP 18]

If you blush at the thought of sending a racy text…

Or you are stuck in a rut of the same ho-hum dialogue that doesn’t really get either of you revved up…

Or you’re a dirty talking diva who just wants some new tricks…

Click right now to listen to this hot episode!

You are going to learn the inside secrets on dirty talk straight from yours truly, Felicity Keith, author of The Language of Desire, in this mini-sexting workshop.

Check out Felicity’s best-selling program by watching this quick video.

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What’s Up with Felicity and Gia? [EP 17]

Hey all! We’ve got a short episode this week where we update you on some goings-on in our personal lives. 

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See you next week with a special episode all about dirty talk! xo

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Shocking Truths About Cheating and Why You Need to Know Them [EP 16]

If you know WHY people cheat in their relationships, you can spare yourself some serious heartache in the future. And the truth is, most people are completely WRONG about why people cheat. 

We debunk common myths about cheaters and share some cold, hard facts for you. 

We also share stories and questions from our audience and give advice on healing from infidelity, including the only way a relationship can survive it.


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Why Do Men Lie to the Women They Love? [EP 15]

Be honest…do you tell the truth 100% of the time? 

Do you expect your partner to be 100% honest with you?

Join us as we tackle the sticky subject of honesty. And share not only how to know when someone is lying to you (from an expert who works with the FBI)…but WHY they are lying to you.

Bonus section: Why do MEN lie to the women they love. The answer might shock you! 

For further study, make sure to check out Michael Fiore’s best-selling program The Secret Survey that gives women the behind-the-curtain lowdown on why men are dishonest (and what to do about it!)



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Steve Maraboli: Going from Bitterness to BETTERness [EP 13]

When you’ve had your heart stomped on it’s natural to want some manner of closure so you can heal.

But what happens when that apology never comes?

Do you carry the wounds of that past relationship into your future? Or do you learn how to “let go”?

And what does “letting go” even mean?

Join us on this episode as the incomparable Steve Maraboli shares his wisdom on WHY you must get over the past and most importantly HOW to do it.


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10 Behaviors No One Should Put Up With, Pt. 1 [EP 11]

Call them red flags. Call them deal breakers. Call them unacceptable…

In this first installment of a 2-part series, we are counting down the 10 WORST behaviors that no woman should put up with!

Listen to Felicity and Gia share their insights on what to say “Boy, Bye!” to. And how to determine where you draw your own line in the sand when it comes to questionable treatment.

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