Why Boundaries will Make…or Break…Your Relationship [EP 39]

Boundaries aren’t the sexiest topic when it comes to our relationships. Yet, without knowing how to effectively use them, your relationships will forever be a source of struggle.

Consider these questions…

> Do you consistently feel resentful toward someone in your life?

> Do you feel taken advantage of at times?

> Do you feel powerless dealing with some people?

If you answer is yes to any of those questions, you need a boundary checkup PRONTO!

Listen to this episode as we discuss the different types of boundaries, WHY so few people have healthy ones, and HOW to successfully speak up for yourself and feel powerFULL and free from resentment for good.

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What is “Vacation Sex” and How to Have It at Home [EP 38]

We know that one of the best things about vacation is the romance and hot sex you end up having when you escape regular life.

Have you ever thought about WHY the sex is so much better on vacation? Because there are some very specific reasons for this phenomenon.

In this episode, we outline the reasons the nooky is nicer when you are out of town: It’s a new trend called vacation sex.

And we tell you most importantly exactly how you can enjoy it even when you AREN’T on vacation.



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Shutting Down those Annoying Attention Seekers and Mate Poachers [EP 37]

We all know the type: the “LOOK AT ME! ME! ME!” woman who posts a million duckfaced selfies and is constantly looking for attention anywhere she can find it.

But not every attention-seeking woman is out to get your man. Yet some are.

How do you know the difference between someone who just needs a ton of validation vs. someone who has specifically set out to steal your guy?

And more importantly, how do you get them to knock off their over-the-line behavior without seeming jealous, crazy, or insecure?

In this episode, we share some surprising stats on the prevalence of mate poachers and give specific tips on how to shut down these annoying women for good…while keeping your relationship happily humming along.



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