9 Ways Facebook Ruins Relationships and 3 Ways it Improves Them

Facebook has become ingrained in our daily lives but are you aware of the ways it impacts our relationships?

> Learn the shocking statistic of how Facebook is affecting the divorce rate

> How your partner views your time on social media

> Ways you can use Facebook to improve your intimacy

> What harms your relationship and how to avoid it

And what Gia and I disagree on when it comes to social media and sex in this discussion about social media and our love lives.




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How Jealousy Hurts Relationships…and How it Helps [EP 27]

We’ve all battled that ol’ green-eyed monster from time to time.

And even though it’s a normal human emotion, there’s so much baggage that comes along with jealousy that is crazy-making.

So listen in on this episode where we answer a few audience questions and give practical solutions to stop jealousy from messing up your love life. And a couple of tricks to flip the switch and make jealousy help, too.


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Stop Breaking the Girl Code – 10 Rules You Must Know Part 2 [EP 26]

We’ve all heard the term “girl code” thrown around lately. But what does it actually mean? 

What are these supposed “rules” we should be following in order to truly be girl’s girls.

As Leslie Knope said it best “Ovaries before Brovaries”. In this two-part series of episodes, we break down the top 10 girl code rules.

Listen now to Part 2 for the top five girl code rules!

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