10 Behaviors No One Should Put Up With, Pt. 1 [EP 11]

Call them red flags. Call them deal breakers. Call them unacceptable…

In this first installment of a 2-part series, we are counting down the 10 WORST behaviors that no woman should put up with!

Listen to Felicity and Gia share their insights on what to say “Boy, Bye!” to. And how to determine where you draw your own line in the sand when it comes to questionable treatment.

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Rachel Alexandria Interview: How Your Enneagram Type Shapes Your Relationships [EP 10]

There is an ancient personality system that unlocks secret truths about each person…yet few people know about it. Become one of the few and have answers about yourself and others…and transform your relationships in the process.


Join us on this episode as we dive in to the mysteries of the Enneagram with special guest, Rachel Alexandria. She explains what the Enneagram consists of and most importantly, how you can use it to your benefit.


Rachel’s program, Tapping for Your Type, teaches you how to enhance your inherent strengths and overcome common obstacles. You will learn how you approach relationships across all facets of your life. Side note: If you aren’t sure what your Enneagram type is, click on “What is My Type” to find out.


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Michael Fiore Interview: Win in Love with Emotional Intelligence [EP 9]

Listen as internationally-known relationship expert Michael Fiore shares a very personal story of why emotional intelligence is critical to a happy relationship.

We tackle what emotional intelligence looks like (and what it doesn’t look like) and get the man’s perspective on exactly why this trait is so desirable in a partner.

As always, Mike is candid and blunt and tells you exactly what’s on his mind.

Felicity mentions Mike’s program The Secret Survey. Warning: It might make you mad just like it did her. But what Mike shares here is an absolute game-changer when it comes to understanding men.

Here’s a quick video with more info.


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Body Language Attraction Strategies that Work [EP 8]

Do you know the percentage of all communication between humans that is entirely non-verbal? Hint: It’s a bigger number than you probably realize!

Knowing just some simple body language cues can give you a secret edge in ALL of your relationships (whether you are single or in a LTR). From how to get practically any man to approach you to how to make him wildly attracted to you…without even saying a word.

We will teach you these secret tips (that most people are clueless about) and how you can put them to use asap.

Plus, listen to the end to hear Felicity go on a rant about some dude at the airport that drove her crazy. 

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